Thank you for your interest in the Chattanooga Renaissance Fund. We invest in early-stage companies located throughout the Southeast. If you are interested in applying for funding, please complete the following application. All information is kept confidential.
Company Application
Please provide the following background information on the company.

Company Name (if not formed, mark TBD): *

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Market Intelligence

Describe the market(s) in which you compete (3 sentences or less). *

Include information on market size and growth trends.
What problem does the company/product solve and for whom  (3 sentences or less)? *

Who are the company's direct and indirect competitors? *

Business Model

What is your unique advantage? *

Include any proprietary technology and patents.
Describe how you make money. *

Describe potential paths to exit. *

Average monthly burn rate (ex. $5K):

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Gross Margin (ex. 30%):

Revenue last 12 months:

Customer Acquisition Cost:


Explain go-to-market strategy. *

List traction achieved to date. *

Examples include: prototype completion; dollar and unit sales; number of customers, users, subscribers; growth rate of these KPIs; etc
Detail any existing partnerships.

Include company name, structure of relationship, length to secure, etc.
List accelerator participation.

Provide links to top press mentions or awards. Link #1:

Provide links to top press mentions or awards. Link #2.


Provide a list of key leadership team, including name, title, years with company and employment status (PT, FT, Contractors) *

Provide list of board members including name, title, and organization.

Provide list of key advisors, including name, title, and organization.


Provide a link so we may download your deck:

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Please provide a link for any additional information you would like to submit:

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Fundraise Description

Round description:

Amount of raise:

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Security type:

Minimum investment:

Write in full amount, ex. "$10,000".
Pre-money valuation:

Write in full amount, ex: "$1,500,000".
Amount raised thus far:

Is there a term sheet currently in place?

Previous funding to date:


How did you hear about Chattanooga Renaissance Fund?

Please provide any other information you think we need to know.

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